Respect for the Individual

Ravi Pandit

Dear All,

The value of “Respect for the Individual” is at the core of our existence. This is so because of the way our group was born and the way it has developed. We started as “professionals” and not as “businessmen”. Our foundation was built on people, rather than capital. We are, therefore, built on the strength of our people. We believe that all of us value “respect” more than anything else and that, quite often, is the single- most important reason why we like to work, where we work.

Respect is what we cherish and respect is what we will give to everyone with whom we come face-to- face. Respecting a person means treating him / her the same way in which you expect yourself to be treated. Respecting a person means listening to his / her views in the true sense of the word. Respecting a person means responding to the mails that you get or the calls that you get in a reasonable period of time. Respecting a person means being fair. Respect means valuing different cultural and religious backgrounds. Respect means complementing in public for a good job done and giving frank and constructive criticism in private. Respect means valuing others’ time. Respect means being compassionate.

Respecting a person does not mean saying “Yes” to everything that the other person says. Agreeing on-face with somebody that you don’t agree with, in my opinion, actually constitutes disrespect. Respecting a person does not mean giving high rankings in an appraisal, when low rankings are actually deserved - because giving the appropriate ranking is an essential step in bringing the change in the person and effectively by giving wrong ranking, you are denying the person the opportunity of development. Respecting a person does not mean not taking tough decisions, when they are required for the benefit of all parties concerned.

As a value, we shall respect an individual, no matter how high or low he is in the hierarchy of the company. We shall especially respect those who are more junior to us because we all know that, with our seniors, we can hardly afford to be disrespectful! We shall respect not only our customers, but also our vendors.

I would like to link our second Value “Respect for the Individual” to the colour Silver. Silver adds luster, enjoys greater reflectivity and can achieve the most brilliant polish of any metal. Silver has a number of unique properties including its strength, malleability and ductility, its sensitivity to and high reflectance of light and the ability to endure extreme temperature ranges. Silver is one of the most popular metals used for making deities in temples.

Thanks & Regards
Ravi Pandit