Accurate inventory management is crucial for maintaining optimal stock levels and ensuring smooth operations. Our inventory verification services provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your inventory holdings, including physical counts, reconciliation with book records, and identification of discrepancies. Our meticulous approach helps you identify potential issues such as shrinkage, obsolescence, and inefficiencies in your inventory management practices. By availing inventory verification services offered by us, you can make informed decisions, improve inventory accuracy, and reduce carrying costs.

Inventory Verification services by K&P:

1. Inventory verification is crucial for businesses, and we offer comprehensive services in this area.

2. Our services include perpetual and one-time inventory verification.

3. We perform reconciliation between physical, system, and register inventory.

4. We provide tagging and barcoding services to ensure accurate tracking of inventory.

5. Our team analyzes deviations and provides detailed reporting.

6. We conduct ABC analysis to classify inventory and provide corresponding reports.