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Delivering Quality Assurance and Financial Solutions since 1956

Kirtane & Pandit is an Accounting, Auditing & Consulting firm with a well-established network of financial experts across India. Our motto 'Step ahead, Always', reflects our value added approach in delivering sound financial solutions while we partner with you in your journey of growth. With our extensive experience of 65+ years, we deliver a wide range of professional services in the areas of Assurance, Accounting & Advisory to reputed & listed companies from various industries across the globe.


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Why Kirtane & Pandit?

Kirtane & Pandit are committed to establishing and nurturing long-term relationships that illustrate our experience and aptitude of years to assist our clients to accomplish real attainment.

Ethical Practices

Our firm with an unwavering commitment to ethics, upholding high values in every aspect of our work. We consistently exceed client expectations while maintaining integrity as our guiding principle.

Tailor-Made Approach

Our accredited partners and dedicated staff bring professionalism and specialization to cater to each client's unique needs. With a focus on personalized service, we surpass expectations by infusing integrity and delivering customized solutions.

Partnering Growth

Kirtane & Pandit, spanning across territories, approaches every endeavor with the same standard of enthusiasm, integrity, and ethical practices. We forge partnerships that foster growth, leveraging expertise with a global perspective.

Robust Frameworks

Professionalism is at the core of Kirtane & Pandit's promise, ensuring strong practices and in all our professional engagements. Our sincere and team works tirelessly for the betterment of our clients, providing robust for success.

Global Perspective

With Kirtane & Pandit, clients benefit from our global perspective and exposure to diverse industries. We bring new experiences and technological insights, working within timelines to provide a comprehensive worldview and deliver the best results.

Our Services

Attest & Assurance

Assuring accuracy and reliability of financial statements through independent examination and verification.

IND - AS, I GAAP, IFRS Advisory

Expert guidance on international accounting standards to ensure compliance and seamless financial reporting.

Internal Audit & Risk Management

Evaluating internal controls, identifying risks, and implementing effective risk management strategies.

IFC Advisory

Assisting with the implementation and optimization of Internal Financial Controls to enhance governance and mitigate financial risks.

Direct Taxation

Providing comprehensive tax planning and compliance services to optimize tax liabilities and ensure regulatory compliance.

Indirect Taxation

Expertise in navigating complex indirect tax laws and regulations to minimize tax burden and ensure compliance.


Offering support and representation in tax and financial litigation matters for effective resolution and legal compliance..

Statutory Audits

Conducting thorough audits of financial statements to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Internal Audits

Assessing internal controls, identifying weaknesses, and providing recommendations to improve operational efficiency and risk management.

Concurrent Audits

Real-time examination of financial transactions and processes to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and fraud prevention.

Treasury Audits

Evaluating treasury operations, risk management, and cash flow to enhance financial efficiency and optimize liquidity management.

Fund Accounting

Expertise in accounting and financial reporting for investment funds, ensuring accurate NAV calculations and compliance.

Risk Management

Developing and implementing robust risk management strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate business risks.


Specialized services including fraud investigations, asset tracing, and litigation support to uncover financial irregularities.

Derivative Process Audits Advisory

Evaluating derivative trading and risk management processes to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

Forensic & Fraud Investigations

Uncovering and investigating financial frauds, providing expert opinions, and supporting legal proceedings.

Transaction Advisory

Assisting clients in making informed business decisions by conducting due diligence and providing transaction support.

Due diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions

Discover powerful features to boost your productivity.

Sustainability Advisory & ESG

Guiding businesses on environmental, social, and governance practices to achieve sustainability goals and enhance corporate reputation.

Advisory Solutions

Tailored advisory services to address specific client needs, ranging from security audits and consulting to testing and data security.


Comprehensive Valuation Solutions: Fair Value, Compliance, Reporting, and Asset Assessment.


Our Advisory Services cover your entire digital presence, from enterprise risk management to security enhancement.


Constantly evolving cyber threats demand businesses stay alert, identify risks, and manage security posture.

Audit & Compliance

Our IT Cyber Security Audit & Compliance services assess security control maturity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Expert Services

We provide certified professionals & experts to help manage your organization's Information Security(InfoSec) programs.

Product-driven Technology

Phishing Simulation and Cloud-SIEM: Enhance cybersecurity training and manage threats with a versatile platform.

Accounting & Compliances

Assisting businesses with accounting standards, financial reporting, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Payroll Processing

Efficient and accurate management of payroll processes, ensuring compliance with tax and labour laws.


Thorough reconciliation of financial records, bank statements, and accounts to identify discrepancies and ensure accuracy.

Resource Augmentation / Co Sourcing

Providing skilled professionals to augment clients' finance and accounting teams, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Inventory Verification

Independent verification of physical inventory to ensure accuracy and prevent discrepancies.

Fixed Asset Verification

Comprehensive verification of fixed assets to maintain accurate records and prevent loss or mismanagement.

Audit Support Services

Assisting clients during audits by providing documentation, information, and expertise for a smooth and successful audit process.

Virtual CFO

Offering strategic financial guidance and executive-level expertise on a part-time or project basis to support clients' financial decision-making and growth.

ravi pandit
Leader Speaks

Dear All,

The value of "Respect for Every Individual" stems from the core of our existence. This is because of the way we came into inception and how we retained that in our development. We started as "Professionals" and not "Businessmen". Our foundation was built on the people rather than capital. We all reckon that our value for respect for everyone is imperial more than anything else, so much so that it's the driving factor for all of us to work where we work.

Respect is what fuels us to do better. Respecting a person means treating him or her exactly in the manner you expect yourself to be treated. In the true sense of the word, it's the way we give importance to one's views and opinions. It means giving your precious time to hear what they want to say and inculcate their expressions in the process. Respect means being fair and just.

Respect means valuing different cultures and ethnicities.

Ravi Pandit

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