Our promise in audit & assurance is not just about numbers; it's about offering an impartial evaluation and validation of the financial intricacies within your enterprise. We delve deep into financial statements, internal mechanisms, and adherence to legal mandates, ensuring that stakeholders can trust the precision and dependability of the data presented.

Our Audit & Assurance services stand as a testament to our dedication to upholding superior audit assurance levels. We don't just audit; we uncover invaluable perspectives and solutions using cutting-edge audit techniques, coupled with a profound comprehension of your business landscape. Our squad is a blend of seasoned and accredited experts, consistently upholding the highest audit assurance standards in every project.

Being recognized professionals, we champion the precision and integrity of financial data through our flawless Statutory Audits. We also extend Attest Services under the Income Tax Act, orchestrate annual assessments based on US GAAP/IFRS adjustments, and proffer guidance and hands-on assistance for transitions to Ind AS, IFRS, and US GAAP. Dive deeper with our Due Diligence & Valuation Services, where strategic insights are born from rigorous analysis.

At Kirtane & Pandit, we comprehend the paramount importance of dependable financial data and unbiased assurance. Our crew holds formal qualifications in pertinent service domains, ensuring effective maintenance of audit assurance standards. Our team is a balanced blend of veteran professionals and specialists. We customize our attest, audit & assurance services to bestow upon you the trustworthiness and recognition you rightly deserve. Our vast service spectrum covers statutory audits, audits under the Income Tax Act, annual evaluations of US GAAP/IFRS adjustments, and due diligence and valuation services. With our adept team of chartered accountants and specialists, we employ novel strategies and harness profound sectoral insights to offer top-tier audit assurance and compliance services tailored to your organization's distinct requirements.

As we progress and refine our audit and assurance domain, our commitment to delivering top-notch, independent financial statement audits for our clientele remains unwavering.

Our Audit & Assurance Services span:

Our relentless drive to achieve and sustain pinnacle audit assurance standards is manifested by: