At Kirtane & Pandit, we understand the pivotal role that business valuation plays in strategic decision-making and business growth. Our specialised business valuation services provide you with an accurate assessment of the value of a business or instrument of concern, thus allowing you to make informed decisions. Our seasoned team of professionals help you with understanding and analysing a business's true worth and value, the value that is likely to be created through mergers, acquisitions, formation of alliances or corporate restructuring.  

We assist you on every step of the valuation process by helping you
    - Determine appropriate valuation methodology
    - Review comparable market transactions, and 
    - Perform financial modeling and valuation using DCF and sensitivity analysis

Types of Valuation Services We Offer:
Helping you navigate through the Government regulations and legal mandates, we offer a full suite of valuation services including:

1. Financial advisory solutions
    - Enterprise valuation
    - Buyback of shares
    - Valuations for startups
    - Share swap valuations
    - Valuation for merger and acquisition
    - Fair and liquidation valuation under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
    - Valuation of ESOP for accounting and disclosure purposes
    - ESOP planning, feasibility, and scheme formulation, valuations for perquisite taxation

2. Financial reporting valuations
    - Impairment  of assets
    - Business combinations
    - Fair value measurements
    - Share-based payments valuations
    - Purchase price allocation reports
    - Fairness opinion for share swap ratio
    - Valuation of other financial instruments. 

3. Valuations for regulatory and compliance purposes
    - Valuation by Registered Valuers under the Companies Act, 2013
    - Valuation for Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
    - Portfolio valuations as required by AIFs
    - Merchant Banker Valuation under Rule 11 UA of the Income Tax Rules, 1962
    - Fair Market Value Certificates (FMV)

At Kirtane & Pandit, we provide you with personalized valuation solutions that match the changing needs of your business. We understand your specific requirements and use a forward-thinking approach to anticipate and adapt to future trends. Count on us as your strategic partner for precise and valuable business valuations that enhance your decision-making and lead your business onto the path of growth and success.