From handling litigation holds to expert litigation financing, we've got you covered. Our esteemed Dispute Advisory and Litigation team specializes in providing independent expert opinions for intricate matters.

Leveraging our cutting-edge litigation management system, with our extensive experience and profound legal expertise, we deliver comprehensive litigation support services. In the face of legal challenges, we take on the role of a dedicated litigation attorney, fiercely representing clients across various authorities, including Income Tax Authorities and Income Tax Tribunals. Our unwavering commitment ensures a seamless and effective representation throughout the legal journey.

With a profound grasp of legal intricacies and a strategic mindset, our team provides thorough support and guidance while collaborating closely with our clients. We delve into their unique situations, create robust strategies, and dispense astute counsel to adeptly navigate the complexities of litigation. Our adept professionals possess the brilliance and foresight needed to empower clients in securing favorable outcomes across an array of legal proceedings.

Kirtane & Pandit stands as a stalwart partner in the realm of litigation, safeguarding your interests with unwavering representation and unyielding support through every step of the legal process.

Consider us a litigation law firm, offering various litigation services such as resolving litigation hold, litigation financing, and many more. Our Dispute Advisory and Litigation team offers independent expert opinions on complex aspects of disputes. We operate on our litigation management system and with extensive experience and expertise in the legal field, we provide comprehensive support and guidance to clients facing legal challenges as a part of our litigation support services. We act as the litigation attorney and represent clients before various authorities, including Income Tax Authorities and Income Tax Tribunals, ensuring effective representation throughout the legal process. With a deep understanding of legal complexities and a strategic approach, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to clients facing legal challenges. We work closely with our clients to analyze their unique situations, develop robust strategies, and offer sound advice to navigate the intricacies of litigation. Our skilled professionals possess the knowledge and insight necessary to assist clients in achieving favorable outcomes in various legal proceedings. Trust Kirtane & Pandit to be your trusted partner in the realm of litigation, ensuring effective representation and steadfast support throughout the legal process. Our prowess extends to representing clients before Income Tax Authorities for a myriad of matters:

Our adept representation extends to Judicial and Quasi-judicial bodies, including but not limited to CIT(A), Income Tax Tribunal, and Settlement Commission for Direct Taxation & Transfer Pricing Matters:

1. Painstaking preparation of Appeal Memos, meticulous filing of submissions, and adept representation before CIT(A). 2. Vigorous representation before ITAT: Our partners exhibit a regular presence across various Income Tax tribunals across India for a diverse range of Income Tax Matters. Our partners have spearheaded over 300+ cases, many of which have been featured in renowned journals and reports.

Our litigation prowess, fortified by our extensive experience and strategic approach, guarantees unwavering support throughout your legal journey. Partner with us for a steadfast legal ally, one that ensures your interests are safeguarded with the utmost dedication and proficiency.