At Kirtane & Pandit, we offer resource augmentation and end-to-end co-sourcing services to provide the necessary support and expertise you require. Whether you need temporary staffing, specific skill sets, or project-based assistance, our team is ready to step in and seamlessly integrate with your existing operations. Our resources help you identify reliable suppliers, negotiate favorable contracts, and optimize your procurement strategy. Our experts have extensive experience in supplier evaluation, contract management, and cost optimization. With our sourcing services, you can achieve cost savings, mitigate risks, and improve the overall efficiency of your supply chain.

Kirtane & Pandit ensures a smooth transition, effective collaboration, and optimal utilization of resources to achieve the following business goals:

1. Resource Augmentation offers flexible and cost-effective outsourcing by hiring resources on a contractual basis as per specific needs.

2. Our services address critical elements such as hiring costs and loss of time caused by resource unavailability.

3. Our resource augmentation services cover various areas, including accounting, audit support, payroll, compliance (including assessment support), reconciliation, inventory verification, fixed asset verification, MIS and reporting, budgeting and control, data analysis, consolidation, data migration, transaction processing, and fund accounting and reporting.