At Kirtane & Pandit, we offer comprehensive payroll processing services to simplify this process for your organization. Our dedicated team ensures accurate and timely payroll calculations, statutory compliance, and adherence to all relevant regulations. We handle various aspects, including salary structuring, tax deductions, provident fund management, employee benefits, and more. By outsourcing your payroll processing to us, you can save time, reduce administrative burden, and ensure error-free payroll management

How Kirtane & Pandit assist in Payroll Processing:

1. Master data handling for employee records and information.

2. Operational data processing for accurate calculation of payroll.

3. Income tax computation of employees' salaries and deductions.

4. Pay-slip generation for employees.

5. Generation and sharing of Form 16 for tax purposes.

6. Full and Final (F&F) working for employees leaving the organization.

7. Ensuring statutory compliances related to payroll.

8. Compliance with labour laws governing payroll management.

Employee Expense Claims Processing:

1. Processing employee expense claims, including travel, medical expenses, and Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), as per company policies.