With increased technological advancements, cyber security audits have become the need of the hour. Security audits have become crucial in guarding an organization’s defenses against data breaches and privacy violations.  Cybersecurity audit procedures involve a thorough, comprehensive review and analysis of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Via security audits, our auditors assess whether the employed security systems comply with IT and cyber security laws and are working effectively.

The goal of security audits is to identify and offer solutions to any vulnerabilities in the security systems that might lead to data breaches and unauthorized access to malicious agents. We provide you with a strong security audit framework that ensures all parts of the security system are assessed thoroughly and no potential risks go unaddressed. 

We at KPCA, provide you with a robust security audit system that enables an organization to test its processes for cyber attacks and risk management. Our cyber and data security audit services cover the following aspects of an organization’s IT systems:

  • Data Security : Network access controls, data encryption and the flow of sensitive information across systems are assessed. 

  • Operational Security : Information security policies, procedures and controls are reviewed under operational security.

  • Network Security : Network controls, monitoring, and antivirus configurations are analyzed under this aspect.

  • System Security : System security audit covers patching, privileged account management and access controls.

  • Physical Security : A physical security audit includes the review of physical devices used to store and transfer sensitive information. 

At Kirtane and Pandit Chartered Accountants LLP, we employ certain guidelines and best practices for cyber security audits and ensure that all compliance standards are met. We work towards identifying any gaps in the existing security structure and provide your organization with essential solutions to bridge them. 

Security audits help organizations strengthen their security system by addressing and countering potential threats. It also ensures compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements that help prevent legal repercussions and penalties. By identifying and mitigating risks with the help of security audits, organizations can reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks and incidents of data breaches. 

Being a leading Chartered Accountants firm in Pune, we at KPCA ensure that our security audit procedures equip enterprises to protect and safeguard sensitive data, protect digital assets, ensure compliance and effectively shield cyber security threats.